Michaeline Daboul

Michaeline is an entrepreneur who co-founded MMIS, Inc. in 1999 to transform the way life science companies comply with global transparency and disclosure laws. Along with her co-founder and husband Tim Robinson, Michaeline introduced MediSpend, the first open source, SaaS compliance cloud software in 2011 and disrupted the way the life sciences industry manages compliance to global healthcare laws.

Since 1985 she has introduced disruptive technologies in the pharmaceutical industry, first working with companies like Hewlett Packard (now Agilent Technologies) disrupting the life sciences market by introducing High Performance Liquid Chromatography to Hoffmann-LaRoche and with Perkin Elmer, by bringing automated genomic sequencing to the life science market before the human genome was even sequenced. Her last initiative, MediSpend, has become the SaaS compliance system of record for many of the most innovative life science companies around the world. With the mission of helping life science companies reduce compliance risk and improve business processes by moving compliance management and monitoring to the cloud. Michaeline demonstrates her passion daily through her interactions with leaders from some of the world’s most innovative medical device, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Michaeline now helps entrepreneurs build successful SaaS companies, both in the US and globally. Michaeline cares deeply for her colleagues and customers. Diving deep into their problems, understanding their goals and objectives in partnership, helping them to overcome challenges on the road to success. Michaeline is passionate about helping companies to scale and grow. She works well with all levels of the organization to provide recommendations and creative solutions to help entrepreneurs reach their goals.

Michaeline also mentors women in their tech careers and her blog focuses on topics that are relevant to life science executives, such as techniques for reducing compliance risk and leveraging data to drive value through the business enterprise, managing the rapid growth and development of SaaS companies.

Michaeline holds a degree in biochemistry from Rutgers University in New Jersey.

If you would like to connect:

Email: mdaboul@michaelinedaboul.com

Twitter: @michaelineann”

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedinMichaelineDaboul

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