Hello, I’m Michaeline Daboul, co-founder and CEO of MMIS, Inc.

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I’m also an entrepreneur, mother, wife, sister, friend, and mentor. I’m passionate about building a successful company with people who are humble, hungry, and smart.

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I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1999. Along with my co-founder, Tim Robinson, and several key employees we introduced MediSpend, the first global SaaS compliance software for the life sciences industry in 2011. Our team continues to grown, and MediSpend is now used by some of the world’s largest life sciences companies. As a result, we are scaling our company and enjoying every moment…well, almost every moment. I plan to share the trials and tribulations with you in Michaeline Daboul’s blog.

The articles I write for this site and the information I share is my way of giving back to our growing customer base, our employees and entrepreneurs like me. I’m often asked what I am reading, who inspires me, and what new products we are working on.  Expect to have those questions answered and some thought provoking ideas presented in this blog.

As I continue to lead an amazing team, I’m passionate about empowering our employees.  As a result, we push the boundaries of SaaS software development and continue to disrupt the life sciences market.

I’ll also use this site to post blogs on global compliance changes occurring in the United States and countries around the world. The regulatory changes and government transformations that we’re experiencing globally will affect our customers and the way they do business.  I’ll report and comment on relevant news and new technologies and methods for software development.

I’ll also share some of life’s lessons learned along the way. I look forward to sharing in a rich dialogue with you. If you would like to contact me, please email me at: mdaboul@medispend.com. I would enjoy hearing from you and hope you find inspiration and value from this site.

I’d appreciate you sharing with others. Thank you for reading.

Twitter: @mmispresident

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/MichaelineDaboul

Michaeline Daboul

Former President, CEO, Co-founder of MMIS, Inc.

A mother, wife, sister, friend, mentor, and entrepreneur, I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs build successful companies with people who are humble, hungry, and smart. I would enjoy hearing from you and hope you find inspiration and value from this site.


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