I’m a woman in tech, and here is my advice

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Rachel Wolfson, a HuffPost contributor, recently interviewed me about my advice for women in tech and what my own experiences have been running a company in a male-dominated industry. In “Important Lessons for Women in Tech From A Successful Female CEO,” Wolfson conducts a Q&A with me that reveals details of my personal life and how that led the trajectory of my career.

In addition, this story includes information on what it takes for women in tech to get ahead and get recognized in a field that has long been somewhat patriarchal. Now is the time for the tech industry to bring in more diverse teams that include women. For that to happen, women have to feel welcome and have support systems in place. In the meantime, this story provides tips on what women in tech can do to further the cause. But this story is not only for women. I also talk about what it takes to launch a company, how to deal with gender bias and how to build a great team.

“I believe that all entrepreneurs truly know when it’s the right time to start a company. Typically, this occurs when her confidence and passion are on equal par.”

Challenges for Women in Tech

Still, women in tech have particular obstacles they must overcome to succeed. It’s useless to pretend they don’t exist. I prefer honesty and I said so in the interview with HuffPost.

The challenges female founders face today are typically gender bias in a variety of situations. But let’s be fair about bias in general, everyone brings bias to a situation. The biases we’ve grown up with as children or young adults, even if we are aware of them, are always present even if we don’t recognize them.

The Takeaways

Building a strong foundation when you launch your career, finding a strong and helpful mentor, and believing in yourself and your product or service are the key takeaways. One of the best parts of this interview is the list of actionable tips I have for women in tech. You will see to what I credit my achievements and how you can follow your own passion to arrive at similar results.

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